Tree Removal

Call Greenline Tree Service for tree and shrub removal services. We will evaluate and assess your property and remove trees and shrubs as required.

At Greenline Tree Service we employ state of the art rigging equipment along with precise technical skill to make removing trees and shrubs as inexpensive and hassle free as possible. Removing trees and shrubs sooner rather then later is usually the best course of action.

Tree and Shrub Pruning

Our tree pruning practices enhance a trees natural architecture and bring out each plantís individual beauty and characteristics. 

Before you trim or prune a tree, please call us.

Excellence in Tree and Shrub pruning is the cornerstone of our business. We love to prune and take great pride in our efforts.

Our tree pruning practices enhance a trees natural architecture and bring out each plantís individual beauty and characteristics.

Our expertise and artful tree pruning style will encourage your trees and shrubs to grow as majestically and vigorously.

Our staff are professional, courteous and thorough from start to finish.

Pruning Tips to Remember:

When to prune a tree? In general trees can be pruned in any season for the following; damaged, dead or diseased limbs, limbs of low vigor, rubbing and crossing, suckers and water sprouts and light training and trimming.

Exceptions or considerations are flowering trees and shrubs, trees in poor health, young transplants, borderline hardiness species, severity of the pruning required and desired effect. We hope this helps and if you have a specific question we will do our best to give you the right information.

Consult your neighbours when you wish to prune tree branches that overhang onto your property.

Call before you dig: Remember - before starting renovations or excavation on your property, trees will suffer if roots are cut or impacted in any way. Call us before you dig!

Benefits of Preventative Pruning:

Pruning enables an efficient nutrient and water transport system.

When a tree's crown is cleaned, it is able to grow with renewed strength and vitality. Crown thinning will provide air and light penetration making trees safer and less vulnerable to disease and harsh environmental conditions.

Increase plant health and Increase your property value.

Tree Disease Diagnosis

Tree insects and pathogens occur when a tree is in stress, be it related to lack of water, disturbed root systems or other environmental factors. Insects and disease is a sign that your tree is in poor health.

Our company Ė Greenline Tree Service

Our attention to detail is the hallmark of our service. Your trees and gardens will be pampered and encouraged to flourish in the green space that surrounds you. We take time to provide clarity and priority to the tasks at hand and are confident you will feel at ease to focus on your landscape goals.

Trust that any work or tree service provided is done so with complete respect for the environment.

Feel secure in knowing your home and loved ones are safer from tree damage.


Greenline Tree Services

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