Tree HealthCare

Greenline Tree Service prides itself on providing complete tree health care. This involves more than just pruning and tree removal.

Trees in urban areas require special care. Urban trees live in harsh conditions. The soil is often compacted and lacks required nutrients and organic matter.

Protect your trees from the impact of human activities!

Essentials for Healthy Growth

These five healthy tree care solutions are at the core of King Tree Service Program:

1. Nutrient management ~ Plant health is greatly dependent upon the amount of organic matter available. Healthy soil is the key to providing the micro and macro-nutrients necessary for healthy growth.

2. Aeration ~ Roots are like lungs. Soils must have adequate air pore space for root respiration

3. Water ~ well understood but underestimated

4. Mulching ~ can achieve many of the plant health objectives in one practice plus much more

5. Insure an adequate root zone ~ protect and provide barriers for root zones now and the future

We do not advocate the use of chemicals in any horticulture practice.

The combinations of the above and soil science along with the planting of Carolinian plants helps with the conservation of water, nutrients, soil and negates the need for chemicals and fertilizers.

While most tree care companies sell costly fertilizing programs to their customers, we, through the above horticulture practices, encourage trees and plants to become self sufficient.

These simple ideas rely less on our precious natural resources.

Suffering trees may require a tree surgeon.

Trees are the greatest feature of our Canadian landscape in parks, forests, and specimen trees are highly valued by all. Most damaged trees can probably be saved with appropriate treatment. Trees are survivors. Act now so that they may return to their noble state.

Tree Care Seasons

Fertilize ~ spring or fall, when tree roots are actively growing
Mulch ~ any time
Water ~all plants especially evergreens in the fall
avoid winter burn
Aeration ~ any time
Pruning ~ see pruning page

Caring For Your Trees

Our tree care company is eminently qualified for this important work as we employ a qualified horticulturist and arborist. Before you trim, prune or attempt to remove a tree or shrub, donít hesitate to ask for a consult, as often we can provide alternatives or help you safely care for your trees.

Insect ~ Disease ~ Injury Diagnosis

A thorough diagnosis can best determine a plan to invigorate your trees to prevent or defend themselves from further injury.
Diagnosis of tree problems requires a thorough knowledge of plants, botany, soil science, climate horticultural practices, entomology and pathology.

Symptoms (abnormalities)

Leaf spots and blotches, stem dieback, cankers, poor growth, wilting, yellowing and galls

Causal Agents of Tree Stress

The causes of injury or disease can be both biotic or abiotic and more importantly if it is infectious.

Abiotic stresses would include nutrient, water, air, temperature and salt stresses. Biotic stresses would include insects, bacteria, fungi and viruses to name just a few.

Some Leading Causes of Tree Stress

* Over and under watering
* Over and under fertilization
* Physical root damage due to building renovation etc.
* Poor soil quality

Tree Care Tips

* Water during a drought
* Provide nutrients and a good rooting environment through mulching
* Pruning promotes a more efficient nutrient transport

Recent threats to trees in BC include:

* Emerald Ash Borer
* Asian Long Horned Beetle
* Oak Wilt Disease
* Gypsy Moth

Our Greenline Tree team are experts in Horticulture, Arboriculture and Forestry. We have the necessary knowledge to monitor, inspect and offer sound diagnosis and treatment options for your small or large tree problems.


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