If there is a severe storm in BC, storm response and clean-up is done according to the city codes and priorities.

Storm Damage Maintenance Priority Levels:

  • * Trees causing immediate risk to public safety

  • * Trees or limbs blocking roadways; major arterials are addressed first

  • * Trees that have fallen on cars or houses

  • * Split trees that are still standing

  • * Hanging and broken branches

  • * Trees that are leaning - resulting from damaged or broken roots

  • * Downed trees that are no immediate threat to the public or property

  • * General clean up - disposal of downed trees (branches, limbs, logs).

  • Trees requiring additional surgery are secured to protect the public and stabilize the tree until crews can return and complete the work. Bolting, or bolting and cabling work may also be required.

  • In the event of a major storm, removal of City tree debris may follow at a later time or depending on the severity of the storm damage.

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