Call Greenline Tree Service for tree and shrub removal services. We will evaluate and assess your property and remove trees and shrubs as required.

At Greenline Tree Service we employ state of the art rigging equipment along with precise technical skill to make removing trees and shrubs as inexpensive and hassle free as possible. Removing trees and shrubs sooner rather then later is usually the best course of action.

1. Our qualified Arborist will evaluate and assess your trees for hazards.
2. We can make simple recommendations such as a crown reduction to reduce its hazard rating, and allow you to avoid the expense of a complete removal.
3. All removals are done with minimal impact to your property, in a timely and professional manner.

Why do people Remove a Tree?

The reasons to remove a tree are:

1. Simply-dangerous tree (wood root)
2. Encroaching on home (foundation, roof and other)
3. Invasive non-native trees that are poor contributors to the environment, aesthetics etc.
4. To build an addition, pool, landscape etc
5. To harvest wood for fuel, timber etc
6. The tree is a source of insect and disease and potential to infest neighbouring trees
7. To encourage slower growing long-lived species in the landscape / forest. Examples are: Oak, Sugar Maple, Hickory etc.

Assessing your tree for major structural defects

* Major root /root flare damage due to construction or excavation around a tree
* Major cavities, which reduce the amount of solid holding wood
* Successive environmental factors affecting tree structure such as:

Remember: To avoid these hazards which can cause trees to hurt people or damage property, we recommend preventative pruning and crown reduction to keep your trees growing strong for many years.

We save you money! Our low overhead, skilled staff, knowledge and experience will get the job done safely and efficiently.


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